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Who we are

Everything you need for a
successful sustainable event,
in one place.

Legacy Marketplace is a modern way to deliver sustainability without compromising quality or ease. Our one-of-a-kind platform connects organisers to products and services that reduce the environmental impact and contribute to positive social change.

We put our expertise in your hands. You’ll find a hub of info from a community of experts on sustainable event planning. It gives you the power to create spectacular experiences while looking after our world.

Why we're here

We empower event organisers to create positive experiences without negative impacts

Your time and our planet’s resources are precious. We don’t want you to waste either.

Our platform acts as the common ground where anyone in the industry can connect and empower one another to be more sustainable.

Realise true event sustainability and deliver it with none of the usual stress.

Embody your sustainability message throughout your entire organisation and do it without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Legacy provides you with the tools, information and inspiration to make better decisions faster.

Why we're different

We defy the norm

We offer sustainability without compromising quality. We help guide you to your goals without guilt or judgement. We provide accurate data without the dryness of scientific papers.

We defy the norms of both the events industry and the environmental crowd.

Our down to earth, data-driven approach to sustainability means we’re not your typical environmentalists.

The speed and simplicity we bring to the buying process through automation, instant payment and upfront pricing, completely disrupts the events industry.

The triad of a speedy sourcing process, sustainable solutions and collective expertise all in one place is nothing short of a revolution.

Our vision

To make all events sustainable through the ease and efficiency of our marketplace, using the power of positive experiences to create a better society for us all.

Our mission

To connect and empower anyone in the events industry who wants to create successful sustainable events and facilitate a positive change in the world.

Our values


We believe in the power of relationships.


We get more done in less time.


We lead with understanding.


We tell the truth. And seek it.


We’re leading the change.