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Events Road Map Out of Lockdown

The government's roadmap out of lockdown has been released. It’s a four-step plan that could see events with restricted capacity permitted from 17 May and a full rollback of restrictions by 21 June. The rules apply to England only. 

Before taking each step, the Government will review the latest data on the impact of the previous step against four tests. The tests are:

12 April: Pilot events

Results from an “Events Research Programme” will determine if events can restart. A series of pilot events using enhanced testing approaches will begin in April and will test the effects of larger crowds and/or reduced social distancing.

government road map step 2

17 May: Events and conferences with restricted capacity could take place

The government road map states that controlled indoor events of up to 1,000 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity, whichever is lower, will be permitted, as will outdoor events with a capacity of either 50% or 4,000 people, whichever is lower. The Government will also make a special provision for large, outdoor, seated venues where crowds can be safely distributed, allowing up to 10,000 people or 25% of total seated capacity, whichever is lower. In addition, pilots will run as part of the Events Research Programme to examine how such events can take place without the need for social distancing using other mitigations such as testing

21 June: Potentially a full rollback of restrictions on events

Step four will begin no earlier than the 21 June. With appropriate mitigations we will aim to remove all legal limits on social contact, on wedding, and on other live events. We will open everything up to and including nightclubs and enable large events such as theatre performances beyond the limits in Step 3.”

A snapshot of what the road map out of lockdown looks like for the events industry:

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