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    Trying to make your event sustainable can be overwhelming, especially since sustainability is such a broad subject which encompasses a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues. At Legacy, we want to help drive the event sector forward in terms of sustainability by making it easier for organisers to deliver events that have a reduced environmental impact and contribute towards positive social change.

    We’ve created a simple checklist to help when you’re planning your events. Based on the Legacy 9 nine themes of sustainability:

    1. Energy and Carbon

    Deliver low carbon events that showcase how we are adapting to a world increasingly affected by climate change.

    2. Water

    Encourage our partners and suppliers to adopt water conservation measures, so that water is respected as a precious resource.

    3. Food and Drink

    Encourage suppliers to provide nourishing, healthy, high welfare food with 100% traceability.

    4. Wellbeing

    Consider the wellbeing of our attendees, our suppliers and the local community.

    5. Transport

    Prioritise walking, cycling and the use of public transport or low carbon alternatives to our events.

    6. Materials

    Support the waste hierarchy when disposing of materials and champion the use of innovative new materials.

    7. Community

    Create inclusive events by promoting access and celebrating diversity.

    8. Innovation

    Respond to feedback and innovate to create memorable and thought provoking events.

    9. Ecology

    Protect existing natural areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

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